"...There are some small pleasures and a splendiferous voice to appreciate in the tiny package of delightful Ana Paula Malagon "


The Mercury News

Sharks, Jets dance off anew at "West Side Story" in Berkeley

Mercury News

March 8th, 2019

Here the star-crossed lovers are Tony and Maria. Though both almost impossibly innocent, Tony is a former member of the white street gang the Jets and its leader’s best friend, and Maria is the sister of the leader of the Puerto Rican Sharks. Ana Paula Malagón is a wonderfully sweet Maria with a beautiful soprano voice, and Will Skrip is brimming with wide-eyed enthusiasm as Tony.

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Familiar pleasures, big voices in Hillbarn’s ‘West Side Story

Mercury News
September 10th, 2018

Not unlike young people today, “West Side Story’s” members of rival teenage street gangs Jets and Sharks feel angry, displaced and itching to strike out at their perceived enemies.

A story as old as, yes, “Romeo and Juliet.”

The Daily Californian
February 22nd, 2019

Any theater geek worth their salt knows “West Side Story.” Originally envisioned by Jerome Robbins and featuring music by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, the musical is a revolutionary and still-relevant exploration of the divisions that plague American society. Plus, it’s got a killer dance sequence centered on vaguely threatening synchronized snapping and characters who utter phrases such as, “Let’s get the chicks and kick it.”

Combustible "West Side Story" opens Hillbarn Theatre season

San Francisco Chronicle
August 28, 2018


Those famous first snaps of the almost wordless prologue in “West Side Story” are like the flicks of a lighter approaching a fuse. Animosity between rival street gangs, the Puerto Rican Sharks and the white Jets, is a law of nature. Every encounter necessarily sparks an altercation, which in turn sparks another.  

Great music, dancing in Hillbarn’s "West Side Story"

The Daily Journal
September 8th, 2018

Inspired by Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” four giants of 20th-century musical theater created a timeless classic, “West Side Story,” being presented by Hillbarn Theatre.

The concept came from Jerome Robbins, who directed and choreographed the 1957 original. He was joined by Arthur Laurents for the book, then-newcomer Stephen Sondheim for the lyrics and Leonard Bernstein for the memorable music.


September 5th,2018

The delightful Ana Paula Malagon plays Maria. She shines with the yearning of a girl longing for true love and meaning, radiant in finding it, and unshakable in her faith. She projects Maria's playful yet innocent nature. Her voice is full and lovely, blending beautifully with Adams' in their duets including the unforgettable “Tonight”.

West Side Story

Talkin' Broadway
September 16th, 2018


Testosterone-stoked braggadocio, sexy street sass and sachet, an air of invincibility against all odds. Hips that sway and bump, hands that probe and explore tenderly, and legs that go sky high and back again in a flash. 

KALW radio

August 22nd, 2018

From Hillbarn Theatre, the Peninsula's premier theatre company in Foster City, we meet with Soprano Ana Paula Malagón, who sings the role of Maria in the season-opening production of West Side Story, which opens on August 30 and runs through September 16. 

In Conversation: Tom Cipullo's "Glory Denied"

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

February 28th, 2018

In 1973, the longest-held prisoner of war in American history returned home from Vietnam after nine long, torturous years in captivity. But that was only the beginning of his problems.

Floyd James (“Jim”) Thompson married Alyce DeVries in 1953, and for a short time they were happy—until he was drafted in 1956. When President Kennedy ordered the expansion of the Special Forces Unit in 1961, Thompson worked hard to become a Green Beret, and in December 1963, he left for Vietnam.

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